About Reboot

Reboot: A women’s economic empowerment initiative launched by Anupama Kapoor in 2013.

Reboot is a Mentoring & Capacity building Career Community for women professionals,
led by Anupama Kapoor & Gopika Kaul.

You may be wearing different hats – of a homemaker looking to do something meaningful, a professional who took a sabbatical and wants to come back in a flexible environment or a traditional full time role, a woman professional who is looking for a smarter work- life balance, or someone looking to become an entrepreneur – it does not matter, because Reboot is about what you want to be.

We are here to help you through your journey. We work both with organisations as well as with women – to create a gender intelligent eco-system that enhances women’s workforce participation. You could be a seeker or an influencer, keen to learn or keen to share. Come and join the Reboot Community.

Email us at: join@reboot.net.in

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