Equal Half Summit

29th March, 2019



Equal Half is a pioneering forum for men to rally together with women and work towards embracing gender equality and improve the gender balance in corporate India.

Research shows that by engaging men as allies, men gain significant personal benefits such as better health, freedom to be themselves, and the ability to share financial responsibilities with a spouse or partner when working in a place free of gender bias. Men stand to gain tremendously from a gender equal world.


Given that diversity of our workforce and its inclusion is the new disruptor, in the future workplace, the Equal Half Summit has been conceived from the need to amplify the message of a gender equal workforce in corporate India.

Objectives of the Summit

  • To create a safe space for men to come together with women, engage in conversations, build awareness and gender intelligence and contribute to a Planet 50:50 by 2030.
  • To enable corporate India to create a truly robust ecosystem for women to thrive
  • To recognize men who are champion the cause of creating gender equal workplaces

As an addendum to the Summit, in April, we will conduct an open, interactive workshop, designed to enable Men to improve their Gender Quotient and become true Allies and work towards closing the Gender Gap in Leadership. The workshop is scheduled in Mumbai.

Launch of the EQUAL HALF Project Study

The purpose of The Equal Half Project is to study and gain insights into the predicament that men find themselves in at the Indian workplace of today;

  1. Assess men’s cognizance of the prevalent gender inequities vis-a -vis their socialization, in the Indian workplace
  2. Gauge their understanding of the need for gender diversity (and equity) while trying to raise their consciousness; and
  3. Find out the best ways to Engage Men as Allies, to help make Indian organizational culture, inclusive and equitable.

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In order to recognize Men who champion gender equality at work, we are asking you to nominate one male colleague who is an Equal Half at Work. All organizations are welcome to nominate.


  • Must be an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to championing gender equality in his organisation (could be from any function – Ops, Finance, IT, D&I, HR, Sales, Procurement, etc.)
  • Should have personally led strategic initiatives and delivered outstanding impact on gender diversity and equality
  • Must be nominated through a female co-worker or direct report or manager or leader or management etc.
  • Should be available for travel to Mumbai and attend The Equal Half Summit on March 29th

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