How I rebooted myself…


All of us don many hats and are capable of more than we expect of ourselves. No one pursuit defines our being. Life is full of change and adaptability can be our greatest asset as life often surprises us and on other occasions we end up surprising ourselves.

When I decided to take a break from a full time job I approached the firm where I worked for an opportunity to work part time only to find there were no such opportunities available. It was a funny and confusing time, because I felt disappointed as well as relieved. Being a mommy was hard work and as my daughter grew I found myself getting more involved with my new role.

It was no more just about feeding, burping and diaper changes. I wanted to be there for everything and since I had the option to, I took up the challenge whole-heartedly.

It is easy to get lost in the labyrinth of domesticity and family life especially in the early years of parenthood. But I also knew that this could be the best time for me to cash in on my creative passions. Being a creative person, it is easy for me to spot the art in everything. As a Lawyer, I perceived the practice of Law as nothing but the artful crafting and interpretation of language. I found it fascinating how a tiny manipulation of words could change their entire meaning and significance. I loved drowning myself in books, reading between the lines and drafting legal documents, giving keen attention to every nuance and detail, in the legal and grammatical context.

Now when I look back it seems like while I was training to be a Solicitor, the dormant writer in me was being honed in the shadows, little to my knowledge and unknown to my larger plans – those little safety nets we weave to give ourselves a sense of control over the dynamism of our lives.

So when I found myself looking for an opportunity to grow professionally, earn some mullah and stay at home, I decided to fulfill my long time ambition of seeing my words published. I knew I was good with words and full of opinions. I thought to enter the writing world, not just as a mommy blogger but also to voice my views about the world around us as well as provide professional writing services.

The Internet revolution has made content king and I wanted in on it. We are lucky to be a part of this age that is witnessing a technology revolution. It is important and imperative to at least attempt to stay with the times especially in this era when things change so rapidly that even a toddler knows how to operate a smart phone!

It is true that technology threatens the existence of many jobs pushing them to the brink of oblivion, but at the same time it has also given birth to and transformed many careers. The Internet and Social Media have changed the way we interact with the world around us forever.

Definitely, competition is at its peak and ideas get outdated by the day but you only have to log on to be inspired. The ease and accessibility of information we have at our finger tips makes it so easy for us to put ourselves out there, albeit at the risk of falling flat on our faces, a fear that raises its head every time I hit the publish button. Yes, there are so many writers and bloggers out there that it can be intimidating but to see your name in print is a thrill that makes the ride worthwhile.

Being a Freelancer is not easy. You get the great advantage of being your own boss but that comes at the price of immense will power and discipline. You have got to be a self-starter, constantly staying motivated even on days when the going gets tough. You have to learn from not only our own but other’s mistakes.

In my little journey there are times when it feels like the climb is slow and steep and at other times a long plateau. Even so I must graciously admit that I have managed to meet some of my professional targets along the way and with every fulfilled ambition, big or small, the way for a new goal is paved. In this way the ball keeps rolling, propelling me to keep moving forward in my effort to in my own little way carve a slice of independence for myself.

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