We are all Angry Indian Goddesses! (THIS IS NOT A FILM REVIEW)

I loved Angry Indian Goddesses. The film spoke to me at many levels.

Firstly, I am a firm believer of the sisterhood. Especially since I have a lovely sisterhood of my own, that I am blessed to have. And be with them-in Goa or even Madh Island. Carefree. With a glass of wine, jasmine tea or Mimosa-depending on the time of the day. Blissful……even with a tag along kid!

Also I like wearing shorts, they are comfortable and keep you cool especially if you are by the sea. I would love to dance in the rain (with a hose sounds very exciting too).

I can imagine how annoying working in Bollywood can be and why Women need bosom and bum pads. Growing up in Delhi, I have personally visualized myself bashing up many ‘eve teasers’ many times – so relating to the first scene of the film was easy.

I can conjure up, how a bare chested guy washing a car would be fun to watch too (if it were Chris Hemsworth though), but alas! I live on the 24th floor of a Mumbai suburb and if I tried hard to peer through the grill, I would only see a gadiwala aka night watchman, washing the car with a bucket of water (if we have water that day in the building tank). Haha.

I know many women who have been subject to numerous examinations because they are unable to conceive and no one asks anything of their husbands. And many more who have quit working because Ravi doesn’t like it for XYZ number of reasons. For example: (Main Hoon Na?, Who will look after the kids? Who will manage the housework? It will be too tiring for you to spend the whole day and then come back and cook etc.? Kids get neglected and also spoilt, Girls from good homes don’t go to work outside the house, Isn’t my salary enough? Nature and biology dictate that women stay at home, My husband is always out of town, Work related stress causes natural contraception!!) Whoa!

I know Gay women too (not the ‘happy wala gay’). And I perfectly understand it, in fact I recommend it strongly (that way everyone has a wife and you can have a career too!)

Thanks to Braveheart Deepika Padukone, I understand depression and how not having a career can kill you (literally). This character was particularly interesting for me because it talked of a career being so important to a woman and linked to happiness (inner peace), and not equating happiness to only having someone in your life ( in this case a man) who genuinely cares for you and is willing to ride his Harley all the way to Goa for you!! Yikes!

And since I am well into my forties, I understand Activism too. Too well in fact. The how and why of standing up for those, who can’t stand for themselves (or don’t).

Finally Rape. Do I need to say anything on rape and the Why of it? We all know how this and the law around it, works in our country and I am sure the intense climax of the film, spoke to everyone, reminding us of the all too common a story now.

There was just one thing that didn’t work for me. The stereotypical image of an immensely successful corporate woman, who was neglecting her child and she didn’t even know it. That bugged me no end, because all- each and every Sandhya I know and even the ones I don’t, are consumed with the guilt of leaving their child- their infant, their toddler, their play school or school going kid, regardless of their occupation, at home. And after 20 years of working in the corporate world, I know for a fact that, you don’t need to dress like a man or smoke to break the glass ceiling.

Other observations:
Acting Score: All the actors did a super job. That they were all slim or that the character of the domestic help wasn’t dark, didn’t bother me at all. After all, it wasn’t an attempt to solve world hunger in one go!

(India specific)

So the wait at the start of the film was minimal.The exhibitors had no advertisements for the film, except for the usual, unbearable no smoking ad (which in fact, with the woman of the house scrubbing the table away in the background, while the father and daughter watched TV, is an ANTITHESIS for this film !!).

Patriotism Check: Everyone stood up for the National Anthem. One poor guy left his food tray on the steps and stood to attention!

More reasons to go people!!


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