About Reboot

Reboot is a Diverse Workforce Participation Strategist Firm that helps women in their careers – be it returning to work after a break or making lateral transitions. Research proves that there is an urgent need to create an enabling ecosystem for women to work, grow and sustain in their careers. This is what we, at Reboot, work towards. We are committed to bringing more and more women back into the workforce.

We are a Pan-India professional career community for developing career purposefulness. Our two flagship initiatives – RebootHer and Equal Half are pioneering efforts that aim to bring about comprehensive societal change and help create more inclusive workplaces.

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Our Vision

Reboot’s vision is to empower a million women to return to work over the next few years. With that in our line of sight, our mission is to enhance Women’s Workforce Participation through our mentoring, capacity building programmes and learning interventions and grow the Reboot Community to become an Asia-wide community of women leaders of tomorrow.

This can’t be done without impressing upon the ecosystem, i.e. the corporates, the academia and society, that directly impacts Women’s Work, to make the environment equitable and enable women to take charge, take up paid work and become part of the workforce and the economy.

It’s 2019 and to achieve our goals, we are committed to engaging men in the gender-equality journey. All our programmes & interventions are developed envisaging men as intrinsic equal partners.

What We Do

  • Mentorship And Upskilling For Women
  • Inclusion Audits & Develop Customised Strategy
  • Design And Implement Equitable Solutions
  • Building Organisation Gender Quotient Through Research, Workshops And Dialogues

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